Release: Public Money is Not for Silencing Critics: OCLA asks University of Ottawa to end its financing of a private defamation lawsuit

(Ottawa, August 28, 2013) — The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) has written to both president Allan Rock and law dean Nathalie Des Rosiers to ask that the University of Ottawa stop financing a private defamation lawsuit against its outspoken critic Denis Rancourt.

The lawsuit is about a blog article on “U of O Watch” in which Rancourt concluded (correctly, it turned out) that the president had asked a black professor to criticize a student report that accused the university of racial discrimination.

Rancourt has published his “U of O Watch” blog since 2007, and is a former professor of the university. The private action was initiated in 2011. The Ontario Superior Court recently scheduled the matter for a three-week trial starting May 12, 2014.

The University of Ottawa is using public funds to finance the lawsuit. University president Allan Rock admitted under cross-examination that he approved the financing without a spending limit (with “no cap”) from the university’s operating budget.

Based on court submissions for legal costs, OCLA estimates that the university has spent over $1 million to date pursuing Rancourt, who was fired by the university in 2009, and who is self-represented in the civil action.

OCLA’s position statement about the U of O funding is available at:

OCLA’s letter to Mr. Rock is posted at:

OCLA’s letter to Ms. Des Rosiers is posted at:

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