The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending civil liberties from systemic erosion. We oppose societal behaviour that removes the individual’s personal liberty or excludes the individual from participation in the democratic functions of society.

Some of the ways in which we are active are:

  • Making submissions to institutions, officials, and politicians;
  • Intervening in court cases implicating civil liberties issues;
  • Bringing matters to the media’s attention in order to publicly express our views about civil liberties issues;
  • Holding public events and meetings on current civil liberties matters.

OCLA does not provide legal advice, cover litigation costs, or represent individuals in lawsuits. If you would like to submit a case for our consideration, please contact us using the email form at our Contact page.

We encourage individuals who feel that their civil liberties have been violated to consider “telling your story” before contacting us. The following guide is a useful resource in this regard:

Dr. Brian Martin’s Guide to Speaking Out

Telling your story can be an empowering first step for individuals who find themselves at odds with society’s powerful groups and feel that their civil liberties have been infringed upon or removed.

Dr. Brian Martin of Australia has provided some very helpful advice about how to speaking out and “tell your story.”

Sections of Brian Martin’s site include:

  • Speaking out: what you need to know (leaflet by Whistleblowers Australia)
  • Suppression of dissent (leaflet)
  • The whistleblower’s handbook
  • Telling your story: how to go about writing your story for yourself and/or others
  • Links to much more information

If you are concerned that your rights have been abridged, consulting this website can be a good start to orient yourself and decide what to do to approach your situation.

CLICK HERE to access Dr. Martin’s Guide to Speaking Out

Resources for Self-represented litigants

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