Founding Principles

There is a crying need in Ontario for a civil liberties association that stands for civil liberties.

We distinguish an individual’s societal influence by expression from an individual’s actuated power that derives from his/her institutional hierarchical position.

We hold that the individual’s societal influence by expression, not structurally derived from the institutional and organizational hierarchy, is an absolute right, irrespective of race, gender, orientation, etc.

We believe that societal health depends on the individual’s absolute right to free expression.

We defend all individual expression as an absolute right no matter how unacceptable it may appear to others.

We support individual free expression regardless of its form or content.

We oppose all state and corporate censorship, including employer gag orders on employees.

We oppose all forms of societal mobbing that have the effect of censorship.

Regarding controversial issues of the day, we support the right to:

    • all individual expression critical of any state, including Israel and Iran;
    • all individual expression critical of any religion or culture, including Judaism, Islam, and Christianity;
    • all individual expression critical of any sexual orientation, including straight and queer;
    • all individual expression critical of both sides of the abortion conflict, including pro-life and pro-choice;
    • all individual expression critical of any public policy or law, including liberal or conservative;
    • all individual expression of emotions, including hate and love;
    • all individual expression about criminal behaviour, including expression about child pornography, genocide, war, slavery, and serial murder;
    • all individual expression critical of any person, including public figures, neighbours, and colleagues.

Sept. 18, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario

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